Each one of us is the author of our own life. We are the central character and what happens to us makes up the story-line. But if we remember that every other human being has his or her own story in which we are either minor characters or not at all present, then we begin to appreciate how our own life story is only one line in a very long and complicated tale.

Humans are the only beings we know of who tell each other stories.
So, if storytelling is a uniquely human trait, then we might say that to be fully human, we must be able to listen to stories as well.

Derek presents keynote addresses for all types of groups, designing speaking for each groups needs. Using stories and music Derek’s addresses serve to empower the audience while presenting powerful messages for participants through the use of various types of stories, from myth to folk tales to modern tales that affect our daily lives. Call for more information and to discuss the needs of your group.

*Keynote address for Archdiocese of New England
*Keynote address & M.C./Keepers of the Lore, Joseph Campbell Festival, Wilton N.H.
*Keynote address & Workshops for the Arts Education Regional Summer Institute at Ohio University, Athens Ohio,
*Department Public Health, Massachusetts

Some place where Derek has performed and given workshops include:
*Hewlett Packard,MA.
*Center for Global Education at Framingham State College,Leslie College in Camb. MA.
*MABE (Massachusetts Assoc. of Bilingual Educators)
*Workshop for Medical Staff at Beth Israel Hospital
*Metrowest Association of the Education of Young Children “To Love a Child: In a Violent World”.